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Business of Esports TV: Enthusiast Gaming Coldplay Collab

(Podcast #134)

In this segment, we discuss Enthusiast Gaming’s partnership with #Coldplay on their new single “Higher Power”.

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Paul Dawalibi 40:57
And the headline here is Enthusiast Gaming believes in a higher power collaborates with Coldplay for bands new single obviously Higher Power here referring to Coldplay’s new single, and and very interesting collaboration here between gaming and music. Adrian, I’m curious if you know instead of me recapping this, I’m curious if you could talk to it. And what you guys were thinking here? What’s the sort of exciting play here between gaming and music?

Adrian Montgomery 41:56
Well, yeah, we are really proud of this association with Coldplay, and we’re also proud that we really were the orchestrators of, of a lot of of the elements of that relationship and how it started was that the the the manager of Coldplay reached out to me. He said the band hadn’t released music and was planning a new album, and a new tour. And again, you have to remember about Coldplay, in addition to being one of the biggest bands in the world. They are one of the most innovative music acts, they were one of the first if not the first band to license their music to iTunes. They did that deal directly with the late Steve Jobs. They licensed Viva la Vida to for an iTunes commercial and ended up winning a Grammy. And Steve Jobs ended up doing pretty well with that deal as well. So they’re innovators. And they said, We want to do something innovative, and we want to bring our music to your audience. We started brainstorming with them. And we said, you know, we have a content creator on Luminosity, who’s one of the biggest EDM DJs in the world Zoo. And we said, What if Zoo remixed Higher Power? And they said, Really, that sounds like a great idea. Let us call Zoo so we Luminosity enthusiasm called Zoo, teed up that co lab where he remixed it. And then we remembered that fresh, one of our big gamers from Australia is an incredible DJ. So we said, Look, why don’t we broadcast the launch of the remix on Twitch? We’ll get fresh to open and DJ for Zoo. And we’ll get Coldplay to come on. And then we we decided this Well, what’s the gaming hook? And we said, Well, why don’t you guys become members of Luminosity. And they said that sounds fantastic. And so we kind of put that whole thing together. And we’re really proud of it. And we’re proud of the success we had with it. But you know, this isn’t I’m going to launch a new album. I better buy some billboards, and I better buy some radio ads. This is how do I talk to the enthusiasts of the world? How do musicians talk to the Roblox is the world how do they get you know, if you’re a manager of a musician? Forget the Super Bowl. How do I get my act? a concert in Fortnite, you know, we’re taking over the world. And it’s not just video gaming, right? The interesting thing here guys, is the intersection between music and gaming between fashion and gaming between lifestyle and gaming. And you know, to be in the middle of all that is is certainly very exciting for us. And not to belabor the point. But you know, those those bad middle aged investors and marketing executives that just crapped all over. They don’t understand MrBeast and why he’s not hosting Saturday Night Live, but they all know Coldplay Hey, listen, man, you may not get what we do. But Chris Martin does, you know, oftentimes that’s enough to seal the deal.

Paul Dawalibi 45:09
So, so two questions, Adrian Well, we see Coldplay participate in any gaming tournaments under the Luminosity brand. Or better yet, if they win more Grammys, does that mean you get a Grammy as well now that their Team Luminosity, I just,

Adrian Montgomery 45:25
I just, I just want a backstage pass. So I can impress my wife that I actually did something with my life. I’ll take that. What I can tell you, exclusive for the podcast here, Paul. Love it, we will be doing more with Coldplay. So stay tuned.

Paul Dawalibi 45:43
That’s so cool. I love this partnership. Like I think and this is to me, is the crux of it all. And what you guys are doing spectacularly well, the values not in the games or the gaming the values in the gaming audience. Right The that that’s that’s that’s why you’re a billion dollar company. Right. It’s how do you how do you reach those people because they’re, they’re the tastemakers, they are the they are the real influencers. They’re the ones who are going to listen to this music and spread the word. And clearly Coldplay gets that. Which, which is awesome. Jimmy, I don’t know if you had anything on this. I know you came from the music world. So

Jimmy Baratta 46:18
I you know, I saw Coldplay live at Glastonbury in 2016. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. And the fact that you’re going to recreate that in a digital format. And and like you said, with repeat events. Once you sort out your own backstage, you know, situation. I know Paul and I are next in line.

Adrian Montgomery 46:37
Absolutely. And you know what, where we’re going with this too. And it doesn’t say like, wait, obviously if you went to Glastonbury love, you love going to see live music, you love festivals. When we’re allowed to again, you’ll know that we’ve done something pretty cool when you go to Coachella, and you see fresh doing a set. And he started as a gamer. And we helped him become, you know, known as a DJ. And those are the sorts of crossovers that I think you’re gonna see as we move forward here.

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