Hitmarker Partners With EsportsCCP

Esports platform Hitmarker recently unveiled a new partnership with Esports College & Career Pathways (EsportsCCP), an organization focused on supporting students in the gaming field. Hitmarker will now provide EsportsCCP with data and analytics that give insights into careers in gaming.

“Ours is a very unique set of data in the esports and video game industry. We believe it can be highly educational to people both inside and outside of the industry,” said Richard Huggan, the Managing Director at Hitmarker. “We’re really excited to work with an objective third party to investigate and present our data externally for the first time. We hope the data provides a lot of value to the community and helps to inform people’s career progression.”

The first study being performed by the organizations will give information on the availability of entry-level jobs in the video game sector. This research is scheduled to be published on June 14th.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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