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Esports Gym Opening In Japan

Japan is planning on opening an esports gym where both amateur and professional players can receive training and coaching. The venue, which is located in Tokyo, is scheduled to open on May 19th.

The facility, known simply as Esports Gym, features a lounge as well as PCs outfitted with some of the world’s most popular games. Three-hour time slots at the gym can be booked for $13.

Esports Gym offers monthly membership starting at $50. This grants daily access to all consoles in the facility and allows the user to sign up for coaching sessions for an additional $25 if they want to.

The Profit‘s Take:

Not sure why they are calling this a “gym”. It’s a glorified LAN center. The coaching is an interesting twist, and seeing this in Japan is also novel. But the name itself is really quite confusing.

(All information was provided by Business Insider and Japan Today)

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