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Epic Games Buys ArtStation, Drops All Marketplace Fees To 12%

Epic Games recently announced it purchased ArtStation, an amateur artist portfolio website. ArtStation also runs a marketplace to purchase items. As part of the deal, Epic Games agreed to lower the company’s marketplace fee from 30% to 12%. Epic has agreed to lower the fee for all games in the company’s Epic Games Store.

The two organizations are also running a joint promotion together. Epic has made ArtStation’s learning tutorials section free for the remainder of 2021.

“You can still use the platform as you do today, and we will continue to be open to all creators across verticals, both 2D and 3D alike—including those that don’t use Unreal Engine,” ArtStation CEO Leonard Teo wrote in a blog post. “We’ll be actively hiring and growing the ArtStation team. We’re committed to improving the platform and now as a part of Epic, we’ll be able to do much more.”

ArtStation’s Pro members only have to pay a marketplace fee of 8%. That number drops down to 5% for sellers that do their own promotions.

The Profit‘s Take:

Epic is trying really hard to be a friend of the “little guy”. This is a symbolic gesture mostly, and is unlikely to help them in their lawsuit with Apple (or have an impact on their business in any way).

(All information was provided by PC Gamer and Epic Games Store)

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