Twetch Arcade Launches First Game

On May 4th, Twetch launched the Twetch Arcade as well as the platform’s first game, Tappy Taco. By playing the Tappy Taco game, users can earn cryptocurrencies because the title is built on Bitcoin.

Tappy Taco Is very similar to the old application Flappy Bird. A taco flies through the air as users click their computer mouse or tap the screen. The goal of the game is to keep the taco flying for as long as possible while also avoiding obstacles and barriers.

Josh Petty is the co-founder of Twetch. He explained how cryptocurrencies play a massive role in mobile and online gaming. “We believe that there is a big future with gaming on Bitcoin. Tappy Taco is a proof of concept that leverages micro-payments (25 cents per play)–something that is not possible on BTC or ETH,” he said.

Twetch defines itself as a decentralized social networking platform where users can earn money for creating data and content.

(All information was provided by Twetch and Coingeek)

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