H3cz Reportedly Seeking Sole Ownership of OpTic Chicago

Hector “H3cz” Rodriguez is reportedly looking to become the sole owner of the OpTic Chicago Call of Duty League team. This news comes following further reports that Rodriguez is looking to move away from NRG Esports.

Rodriguez is the current co-owner and co-CEO of gaming organization NRG Esports, which owns and operates The San Francisco Shock, OpTic Chicago, and teams that compete in titles like Rocket League and Fortnite. If Rodriguez can divest himself from NRG, it is possible that he has may take OpTic Chicago with him according to The Esports Observer.

H3cz is a 41-year-old man from El Paso, Texas. He currently has over 110,000 followers on Twitch.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports and The Esports Observer)

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