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Business of Esports TV: YouGov Insights – Puzzles Top Charts

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In this segment, we discuss some statistics about the popularity of different categories of mobile games from our friends at YouGov (

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Paul Dawalibi 1:05:55
YouGov also did a report on the most popular categories of mobile games. Okay. Anyone have a sense of what was number one number one category in mobile games? So just to give you like some of the the options action games, adventure games, puzzle games, board games, strategy, what they call battle card, or collectible card games.

Lindsay Poss 1:06:24
Puzzle can’t just Candy Crush. Yeah, like candy

Paul Dawalibi 1:06:28
crush. puzzle is number one by a longshot. Almost 2x the next the next biggest category of mobile game 17% of US adults play what they call a puzzle or breakout game on their phone. Anyone know what was dead last on the list interest This was surprising to me what was dead last time?

Lindsay Poss 1:06:49
Can you say them again really quick.

Paul Dawalibi 1:06:53
Action Adventure hidden object simulation board games strategy games, casino games, and battle card slash collectible card games.

Jimmy Baratta 1:07:04
Simulation sounds hard Yeah,

Lindsay Poss 1:07:06
I was gonna say simulation or adventure.

Paul Dawalibi 1:07:10
into this was surprising to me battle card game slash collectible card games was dead last only 4% of US adults. And it’s interesting considering rune terrorist popularity and things like that. And it makes me think, mate, like the the heart stones, the magics the things that you think maybe are best suited to a mobile platform because you don’t need crazy good graphics. And you know, it’s sort of relaxing to sit on the couch and play one of these games. Those are the ones that are the least played on mobile. So maybe that speaks more to the casual audience of

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
them maybe they’re too cerebral or something to like to Petey games to really get into a new couch or something.

Paul Dawalibi 1:07:54
And then I just wanted to I want to do one last stat here from the same mobile mobile report. And this is the difference in mobile gaming consumption between men and women in the US for puzzle games, can anyone guess sort of the ratio of men to women playing puzzle slash puzzle slash 30% men’s

Lindsay Poss 1:08:19
Yeah, that’s exactly what I was gonna say.

Paul Dawalibi 1:08:23
Almost like two to one

William Collis 1:08:25
I’m gonna go like 5050 on this

Paul Dawalibi 1:08:28
it’s almost two to one

William Collis 1:08:31
I just getting different to be clear I just guess to be different.

Paul Dawalibi 1:08:35
It’s only 2% of all women and only 12% of all men so it’s it’s almost double interestingly enough the one that was closest so where the the percentage of men and women was closest was adventure games. I don’t know why that one

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
had was mostly was example title for an adventure game like I can’t think of one off the top of my head even

Paul Dawalibi 1:09:01
I’m trying to see if they named I think they do. I wonder what like like puzzle was was obviously like Cry Baby named Candy Crush Saga Bejeweled action games. They gave some examples like Subway Surfers cut the rope is Pokemon Go and adventure game? I don’t think so. I don’t think I see. But I did think it was interesting that that was the one where the male female breakout was closest. Some interesting stats, there’s always guys from you. gov. Go give them some love, as always yougov comm slash gaming dash eSports if you want to check out this report that I was reading There’s a ton more data in there about demographics, age groups, male versus female types of mobile games, a whole bunch of stuff in there. And many other free reports slash gaming dash eSports

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