5G User Survey Shows Rise In Cloud Gaming And Augmented Reality

Ericcson ConsumerLab recently conducted a survey to track the trends of 5G users. The research revealed that 5G users spent more time each week playing cloud-based and AR-based video games than LTE users.

According to the study, early 5G users spend two more hours each week cloud gaming than LTE users. On top of that, 5G users also spent an hour more each week (on average) playing Augmented Reality games when compared to LTE phone users.

“The rollout of 5G is unlocking a whole new world of possibilities for society. Not just an improved network connection, 5G is likely to enable life-altering advancements that were once the stuff of science fiction. But while speeds and availability of 5G have been making headlines, it is also important to understand 5G early adopter emerging expectations and how they perceive the 5G network experience,” it reads on the Ericcson ConsumerLab website. “We conducted more than 30,730 online interviews with smartphone users aged 15–69 across a total of 26 markets where active 5G commercial networks were launched, as well as those without an active commercial network. Our findings show that service providers need to be more aware of what consumers want to accomplish with 5G and be more innovative in offering new experiences to consumers. With 27 use cases tested with consumers, this extensive guide uncovers the status of commercialization of these use cases and examines what services consumers value most and are willing to pay for.”

Despite the greater number of gamers, 5G users said they’re dissatisfied with apps and downloads available on the cellular network. In fact, 5G customers said they would be willing to pay 20% to 30% more “for 5G plans bundled with digital service use cases.”

(All information was provided by Ericcson ConsumerLab and RCR Wireless News)

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