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Pharmaceutical Companies Using Video Games To Improve Operations

Called Detective was recently launched by The Game Agency’s Training Arcade. It’s one of the dozens of games being produced and utilized by major pharmaceutical companies in order to help these organizations expand.

Called Detective allows gamers to use clues and hints to solve puzzles and riddles. Now, big pharma has been using this game, as well as others, to train new employees while helping them retain information about their products.

“We’d done Training Arcade games before and found the average person plays the game at least twice—when we usually have a hard enough time getting them to complete the training one time and on time. The fact that they’re going back again on their own because they want to get a better score is huge,” said Katelyn Rodriguez, the associate director of learning operations at Covance.

The Profit‘s Take:

The long arm of gaming will eventually reach all industries… None will be safe from the disruptive effects of gaming and gamers.

(All information was provided by Fierce Pharma and The Training Arcade)

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