CooTek Invests In Shanghai Lejiu Network Technology Company

On May 11th, CooTek Inc announced it had invested in the mobile gaming studio Shanghai Lejiu Network Technology Company. This investment will hopefully help CooTek expand its pan-entertainment content ecology and mobile gaming partnerships.

“We have seen great success in Lejiu’s experience in the mobile game industry. Multiple industry veterans have shown their creativity and determination in developing and producing boutique mobile games with the feature of storylines,” CooTek said in a statement. “In terms of business outlook, Lejiu’s team has shown extraordinary innovation in designing plots. This partnership will bring a positive synergy with CooTek’s online literature platform. This strategic integration will increase users’ stickiness on the platform and attract a myriad of content creators to unleash their talents to create more diverse IP content.”

CooTek reportedly has plans to invest in “more boutique mobile games and empower high-quality mobile game corporate partners.” The result will be a product that is successful for app developers while simultaneously enjoyable for gamers.

CooTek is a Chinese company that was founded in 2008. The organization specializes in the development and distribution of mobile games worldwide.

(All information was provided by CooTek and PR Newswire)

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