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Business of Esports TV: Nintendo Museum

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In this segment, we discuss how Nintendo is opening up a museum, and what that could mean for gaming in the mainstream.

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Paul Dawalibi 1:09:01
Let’s talk about let’s talk about Nintendo. Okay, Nintendo was in the news because they announced that they’re going to be opening a museum by 2024. And, and it will be the Nintendo’s first ever museum. It will be dedicated obviously, to their characters to their games, to showcase their products over the years, and their philosophy with the public. That’s how, that’s how this has been framed. And it will plan to be opened by March 2024. And it will be located I don’t know if you know where this is. William I know you know, Japan quite well. Wuji city, Kyoto. I don’t know how, what kind of is that in the middle of nowhere? Is that a big city? I’m

William Collis 1:11:06
not sure. back but it makes sense to the opening Kyoto because that’s where I think Nintendo was originally founded. So I think it has some historic resonance. You know what I mean? My question

Paul Dawalibi 1:11:16
with this one guys is Is there any other gaming company that that you think could make a museum successful?

William Collis 1:11:26
Jimmy you’re on mute. Activision Blizzard.

Paul Dawalibi 1:11:30
Jeff, do you really think Activision Blizzard Could

Jeff Cohen 1:11:35
I mean, I think the blizzard Blizzard has a pretty incredible history of great franchises. And Activision has called duty, which has about a billion titles, and a trillion copies sold. So yeah, I mean, I think they I think of all the major publishers, they probably have the most diverse title set in terms of, you know, they have like seven different billion dollar franchises. And they have the long history, right? They’ve been, you know, some of these franchises go back to the the early 90s. Or mid 90s. Yeah, I don’t know of all the of all of them. I think they probably are the only one that maybe would have a chance. What do you guys think?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19
I totally agree with Jeff like in the sense that they have the pedigree and the games for it. If this is blizzard of eight years ago, I would have said yes, they would do it. Blizzard now cares too much about cutting costs, I think, didn’t ever do that. And I think the brand I was mentioning before to like Atari, I think like is another brand that’s just lost its Where is Atari now? You know. And so I think they’re, they’re primed to make a big free entrance into the space, because they have the brand recognition and things like that, but they just don’t have a standing as of right now in my books.

Paul Dawalibi 1:12:53
But like, what is what is the exhibit at the Activision Blizzard museum look like? It’s like, here’s a generic soldier number seven from Black Ops to I read, like, who cares about? Well, I’m sorry.

William Collis 1:13:08
You know, I mean, I, I sort of hate to say this, like, everything but a TV show. You’ll do. Every, you’ll open a museum before you do a TV show. Like, but you know, I, um, you know, like, there. There is a legacy in Japan of these corporate museums is my understanding. You know what I mean? Like, I think the fact that this is in Kyoto if this were really being opened as a statement, I think it would be in Tokyo, right? It would be like in Akihabara you know, like electric city, right? Like, I think the fact this this is in Kyoto says to me that this is a lot more about the corporation recognizing itself and setting up corporate history and sort of some internal looking things. You know, and again, the fact that, like, they haven’t done a TV show yet tells me like this is, I don’t believe this is purely consumer driven and its motives. I do think a lot more companies today, purely entertainment companies can get away with museums, though. I mean, if we’re gonna have serious discussion, like, I think you would go see a sacred museum. I think if you if Sega opening Museum in Cincinnati, and you were in Cincinnati for a day, and you were looking for stuff to do, I guarantee you you go to the Sega Museum, you’re like, oh, there’s so I remember Sonic is great. The prototype of the Genesis.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:35
Yeah, totally. I agree with you. And I think, yeah, is a good model for that. Because, like, have a Sega store and have a museum in the Sega store like,

William Collis 1:14:45
and like you joke about what are you going to see but like, there is a history to these things. You know, you’ll see like the original concept art, you’ll see the games that didn’t get made. You’ll see like originally you know, like it’s you’ll see like, you’ll get to play a classic can remember how

Jimmy Baratta 1:15:03
you just mentioned, but I’m sorry, you just mentioned interactivity, right? Being able to play the games, replay them have these like, Paul, I don’t know what your mount was in World of Warcraft.

Paul Dawalibi 1:15:12
But what if they had one that you can sit on and take a picture and like play right like I will be I had the rarest and the most difficult mount to get of all time. I had the winter saber mount. You had to do the same quest 2000 times in a row. It was was the mount no one got okay.

Jimmy Baratta 1:15:31
And you want to sit on that in the Warcraft museum and take your photo.

William Collis 1:15:37
Go to the world, the Tennis Hall of Fame, right? Like, what do you do at the Tennis Hall of Fame? look at pictures of people who are good at tennis.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:46
You know, like, I

William Collis 1:15:46
mean, this is a game museum has the capacity to be a lot more interesting than a lot of other museums we go to is the point I’m making. I just

Paul Dawalibi 1:15:53
want to read Kim’s comment because he knows me so well. Jimmy, I’m so glad you asked. What did you do? 2000 times four. I just I want to get caught up on some comments here. Cam. You were asking before about do these games count towards the card collectors? I don’t you’ll have to go check the full report. They do name some of the examples but none of those were in there. So I’m not sure. Ramsey Where do I buy a ticket taking my kid for sure. Yeah, I think Nintendo has that capability, right? Like and appeals to all ages. Greg says if it’s an interactive experience slash museum any major title Could I you know, I think both Jimmy’s and William you guys sort of agree on that. Right? That that you could make this work with any interactive sort of experience?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:42
Yeah, I’d spend three hours reading about Diablo two like I spent you know, there was there for our panel like all the way through just combed through it like I love love that experience and I don’t think I’d be alone either.

Paul Dawalibi 1:16:54
Way It says pitfall hairy jungle adventure. I’m, I mean people on on here helped me with this reference, guys. It’s not

William Collis 1:17:03
a reference to pitfall one of the original like Atari navigation. Like I think he’s like, these are all classic Atari idols. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
yeah. And we had commented on the art of Atari, I think two weeks ago and we were talking so he’s always here for us. Thank you, Wade

Paul Dawalibi 1:17:17
Ramsey says agree with Paul. There aren’t any defined characters Activision Blizzard, I want to see Pikachu and marijo. Over 20 years. I mean, I would argue like, I agree, I think there’s more in Nintendo. Blizzard definitely has characters that are defined. I just don’t think they’re as personable, right? Like, Ragnar rose from World of Warcraft is is a well defined character. Anyone who ever played wow knows, right? Or like Thrall or like I like but like, this other world of warcraft probably has 50 memorable characters. But I don’t know if it’s any you could build an exhibit around. I don’t know.

William Collis 1:17:57
I defy you on that. Paul. I defy you. I

Paul Dawalibi 1:18:02
wouldn’t go for a blizzard.

William Collis 1:18:05
I think I’m telling you right now. I think you would be getting I think you would walk in probably he would see Thrall and read about his journey from Agha Omar. And you’d have like a tear in your eye. You’d see that like you’d be able to live Thunder fury. I’m telling you, and I don’t think Blizzard like I love those Blizzard rounds. I think a lot of these games I think, like again, I think like, there’s more power to things you realize. I’ll give you example of it. Like, how can Final Fantasy sustained concerts. You know what I mean? Like that, that I got Nobuo Uematsu. That’s why I know believe that to me as a bigger reach, like classical music audience going to watch gaming and that has worked for years,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
like Kendrick Lamar. And that’s the Philharmonic. Right? They went on tour and that did exceptionally so it’s like I totally agree. But and it’s also something to think about is like Blizzcon is a thing and they do these sorts of museum setups

William Collis 1:19:10
at these cons every year. Speaking of things in your black background Blizzcon pass right that’s an easy one. Yes. fortnight World Cup. Yes, sir.

Paul Dawalibi 1:19:21
Oh, good. So yeah. Wait, are you see waves building while you guys are chatting weights been building a more of a theme park than a museum? We’ve got pitfall hairy jungle adventure, and Ecco the Dolphin aquatic show, which I love. But this is where guys I push back a little bit. And Lindsay, let me ask you this, like, is this more are games more theme park material or museum material? You don’t I mean, I feel like everything we’re talking about is a little more theme park ish. And maybe it’s a it’s part of the differences.

William Collis 1:19:57
Just good museums.

Lindsay Poss 1:19:59
Yeah. I was going to say to be fair Hershey theme park also has a Hershey’s museum right in that there’s a chocolate tour. I mean porque no los dos

Paul Dawalibi 1:20:09
semantics here I guess. Yes, we can see an ET the game experience at Atari world through what would that whaling? Wade corrected me here? Yeah pitfalls in Activision Title One of their oldest some clip rooms showing the Leroy Jenkins crew This is getting we should just wait someone get Bobby Kotick on the podcast we got to pitch them this museum Oh my god. World’s first Raider displays Yeah, all the world’s first that’s actually really good. I can’t Yes, imagine

Unknown Speaker 1:20:40
like in a physical representation of all the world’s first year over year,

Paul Dawalibi 1:20:46
like who took down rag for like the time and all the names and

Unknown Speaker 1:20:50
how insane right like just to have this wall like that would be great. We should pitch this to them.

Paul Dawalibi 1:20:57
The van Gogh interactive exhibit is one of the hottest ones around right now. Interesting. I mean, anything interactive is you know is going to be I think these days is going to be much more much more sought after much more popular. It’s just the nature of the current generation especially in this age group digital theme parks next big interactive attraction using video games smart Yes, galactic x esport I do think in person activations in this kind of way if done right, it could also be very lame guys let’s be honest right like if it’s not done right then not done with love like a blizzard museum or a blizzard theme park could be massively disappointing also

Unknown Speaker 1:21:41
it could and that’s why I’m wary like blizzard of eight years ago what knocked it out of the park right? Yeah, Mike Moore I’m back at the lead. They’re there. That’s passion love what’s coming out. Now I’m a little more concerned. I might even envision that the museum would be a hotspot for protesters to just set up a spot and be protesting them you’re around because they can’t go on Blizzard campus right now you know what I mean? Like

Paul Dawalibi 1:22:07
no more mobile games then put on

Unknown Speaker 1:22:10
all the international politics things that are going on you know it’s just like that’s just there’s so much going on in the world of blood I

Paul Dawalibi 1:22:16
love grapes comment here for adults Leisure Suit Larry Martin says I’ve been converted

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