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Business of Esports TV: ‘Blizzard 2.0″

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In this segment, we discuss former Blizzard Entertainment employees setting up shop in Irvine.

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Paul Dawalibi 1:22:16
Perfect segue to our last story here which is Blizzard related funny enough and and the headline here is Blizzard 2.0 exodus from wow Kingdom spawns new gaming hub in Irvine. And and basically there’s this all the developers all the executives that have left Blizzard over the last few years and most recently, basically have all gone on to start their own shops. They seem to all be aggregating in Irvine the same city where Blizzard has their campus and hundreds now of ex employees are now working across what they say here in this article half a dozen independent studios. In some ways, guys, do you think? You know we’ve been we’ve been on this Blizzard topic and the exodus from Blizzard and all the talent that they’re losing. But when you read an article like this is Does anyone think that maybe blizzards talent loss is not the worst thing in the world for gaming, that much of this talent will go on to independent studios where maybe they have more creative freedom. And maybe we will see some great Blizzard esque games again. Lindsay, you were shaking your heads? I don’t know if you just Yeah,

Lindsay Poss 1:23:47
well, no, I agree. Um, we talked about this as they were leaving. It’s not like everyone who’s leaving is just going to disappear from gaming forever. So and a lot of them are have moved on to really cool and creative things. I can never remember the title, whatever, it doesn’t matter. The point is a whole bunch of these little studios that popped up and I think it’s gonna be really cool to see what they do. And I think that there’s still a there always has been and there’s a thriving indie ecosystem. And I think it’s really cool that they’re kind of banding together to to create stuff and yeah, the creative freedom is really nice. I mean, they’re not stuck producing sequel. So

Paul Dawalibi 1:24:24
we’ll see what happens. I mean, one of the one of the examples they put here is Frost Giant right, which is Seth when I was thinking of making a real time strategy game raise $10 million. Like dreamscape. Well, we see real time strategy games make a comeback, right like that. That’s an exciting, very like reality for me, personally. Yeah. And is this the benefit of the employee exodus from Blizzard.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:50
And I genuinely believe so too, because like to William’s point before to where more of these external brands are coming in to pick up naming rights. Shopify is Founder forget his name, huge shift. Starcraft personally made sure that the Shopify rebellion Starcraft team happened. They’re a major proponent of this RTS, strategy genre. And they have the support of developers who’ve literally worked on the biggest RTS game in the history of literally the world. So yeah, I totally agree. I totally think it’s amazing that they’re taking, you know, they’re just lifting themselves out of this because they’re finally standing up and saying, we’re not gonna just create the next thing just because you’re telling us just because you’re Activision Blizzard, like, we have great ideas, we’re gonna execute them. And you know, Mike Moore has made his own thing Frost Giants doing their own thing. Like, it’s exciting. I want to see the products that these guys are putting out and I’m really less and less caring about all the blizzard titles that I cared about for so long, like even Overwatch to Jeff Kaplan’s gone. Yeah, like, I’m excited for what they’re gonna do. Now. I feel like they’ve got fire lit under them. Like, they’re like, Okay, we got to prove to the world that we can, you know,

Paul Dawalibi 1:26:04
can I ask a landmine filled question or mind filled question here, which is like a very loaded question. What studio do we think our Blizzard today would we hope has a huge exodus of employees because we think those talented people may be better off creating games independently. Like is there any other studio where you feel the game development has gone stale? And we think that go some of those smart people, talented people, they’re going independent, might result in more interesting games going forward. Maybe

Jimmy Baratta 1:26:42
I’m gonna say but festa interesting one, I can’t even remember the name of the title but they came out with some half half assed space RPG there was like, you know, not quite fall out not quite out scatter worlds outer Outer Rim outer worlds something out or something. I played it, it was a solid B for me. And I feel like you know, I don’t know I love what they’ve done in the past but i think i think i would love to see what they what those employees could create if they had a little bit more freedom that the indie environment provides.

Paul Dawalibi 1:27:18
But there’s there’s a good one anyone have any other thoughts? Or

Unknown Speaker 1:27:23
I think the bungee team like thing genuinely believe they could make a way better Halo way better, like they can they have. I just think they’re stuck. Like they have the know how the technical know how they know how to create a compelling story, a beautiful FPS game. Now they’re just stuck to creating titles to measure up to the Colossus that have come before them. Maybe without that pressure, they do a lot better, you know what I mean? But now Halo infinite been delayed and delayed and delayed. That’s and the properties already been passed on. Like maybe it’s time to do something new and just start afresh you know, like, I can’t see them ever getting away from that shadow of you were a halo company. You got to do something that large and if you don’t like no one’s gonna care again, you know?

Paul Dawalibi 1:28:12
Yeah. It’s an interesting interesting thought. I just want to I want to read a couple of these comments here. Where it says yeah, if Disney is going to be the Disney if Disney is going to be the Disney of titles, isn’t this kind of a good thing for them? Sorry if Blizzard is going to be the Disney of titles is that the yes if Blizzard is going to be the Disney of titles? Isn’t this kind of a good thing for them? Wait what’s the thinking there? Why would this be a good thing for them? I want to I’m curious to hear your thoughts on that because I it’s an interesting take. And I’m curious what the thinking is Roman says hey, I haven’t been able to watch live in a long time but I just wanted to say hi to you all. I listened to the podcast and the recorded after show every week Roman Thank you really appreciate it. Anyways, I can’t stay on but I just wanted to say you’re all great Roman really appreciate it. Thank you so much for the kind words

William Collis 1:29:03
by the way more people should totally feel free to do that. Like just drop us a

Paul Dawalibi 1:29:08

William Collis 1:29:09
Yeah, like give me like like you don’t have to interact with us the whole time like comment if you listen drop us let us know you appreciate means a lot It really does. Kim says Bungie has a hero shooter in the works no

Paul Dawalibi 1:29:19
maybe just rumors. I think it’s just rumors that this stage we have talked about it but I’m pretty sure nothing has been confirmed by Bungie. Wait a little even if we’re going to be sorry,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:33
just Halo even at work in this day and age know what I mean? Like it does the IP still, like have that

Paul Dawalibi 1:29:41
person? epic like single player Halo experience?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:45
I don’t know. Just I think while you’re Halo, I think the IP overall just doesn’t have the same pool that it used to like, or the people that played Halo originally on the Xbox like 30 now,

Paul Dawalibi 1:29:57
I don’t know people who played wow when they were like sure True, true. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:01
You know, it’s a subscription service. They keep getting updates out. And I think it’s a very constant growth of players If not, you know, a linear thing, but I don’t know it’s compensation for a different time.

Paul Dawalibi 1:30:13
Wait says where long term Blizzard would buy up the game? Yeah, I mean, that’s an interesting thought, right? Like, it’s just not a good. I don’t think that’s like a conscious corporate strategy, where it’s like, hey, we’ll, we’ll alienate a bunch of our employees in the hopes that they go make great games that we can then buy, right? Like, I guess that that would be a nice sort of side benefit for them. If those people leave and want to come back into the blizzard fold at some point. And Blizzard can buy them. But I don’t know if that would be a conscious decision. Does anyone think Blizzard is doing this purposely to create like, like, Wade’s point becomes an incubator for ideas. Like they actually want people to leave to go incubate new ideas.

Jimmy Baratta 1:31:05
It’s kind of scary what they’ve been doing. I’ll just say that. I don’t think Blizzard has that kind of innovation in

Paul Dawalibi 1:31:10
but and you could like do that internally, right? If you empower people internally and give them a bunch of leeway and a huge budget and like all the creative freedom they want, you wouldn’t have to sort of sort of be so slow moving and and so stifling that they leave in the hopes that they will then be creative and come back. I don’t think that they’re doing it purposely. It’s a good good thought though.

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