FlowPlay Announces Launch Of In-Game Fundraiser

FlowPlay, a developer of community-based virtual worlds for gamers, recently announced the launch of a new in-game fundraising effort in conjunction with the American Cancer Society (ACS). Throughout May, users will be able to make in-game donations to ACS’s Get Screened campaign.

“No matter the need, FlowPlay’s community always shows up to help – and this is especially important, and appreciated, as we try to resume some sense of normalcy,” said Derrick Morton, the co-founder of FlowPlay. “I’m proud that our players continue to make such an impact in the lives of others, and am hopeful this will start to become the norm, not the exception, within our industry.”

All Vegas World players will have the chance to make direct donations to the ACS by purchasing a virtual in-game branded charm. As of May 3rd, FlowPlay has raised almost $265,000 for the American Cancer Society.

(All information was provided by goskagit)

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