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Microsoft Unveiling New Features For Surface Duo Phones

On May 24th, Microsoft updated its xCloud gaming beta app for Android. As a result, Microsoft’s Surface Duo smartphones can now be used as dual-screen gaming devices.

The application update allows Surface Duo owners to use the phone as a gaming device with one screen showing the game while the other works as a controller. The Verge‘s Tom Warren said it makes the phone “look more like a Nintendo 3DS.”

This new functionality was unlocked via the Xbox Game Pass app on Android. Service subscribers can access over 100 different video game titles through their phones.

The Profit‘s Take:

This should have been a launch feature. That was a missed opportunity. With the phones selling at 50% off now, this is an unfortunate failure for Microsoft when gaming might have saved the product. Maybe they paint the remaining stock green and sell them as xCloud portables?

(All information was provided by PC Mag and The Verge)

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