AVGL And Intel Teaming Up To Launch Esports Talent Pipeline

AVGL, one of the leading scholastic esports platforms, recently unveiled a partnership with Intel. As a result, the organizations plan on launching a second Intel Inspires series, an initiate that looks to create a “talent pipeline” into the esports industry.

Intel Inspires aims to give gamers and content creators the opportunity to showcase their skills while potentially earning college scholarships. In 2020, Intel Inspires reportedly reached over 6,0000 students while giving away $250K in scholarships.

“We are excited to continue growing Intel Inspires in 2021 with new opportunities for gaming and creator talent to achieve their dreams,” said Marcus Kennedy, the General Manager of Gaming and eSports at Intel. “Intel is a leader in esports and PC gaming and we know that, alongside BoomTV, we can elevate and increase the amount of long-term opportunities for those who want to create a career for themselves in this space.”

AVGL is for the Academic Video Game League. The organization was founded by BoomTV in 2020.

(All information was provided by AVGL and PR Newswire)

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