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Blacknut’s Cloud Gaming Service Coming To iOS Devices

Blacknut, a French cloud gaming service, recently developed a new Progressive Web App (PWA) to bring cloud gaming to iOS devices. Thanks to this new app, Blacknut users can access the organization’s full library of games on iPhones and iPads in 40 different countries worldwide.

“Our team worked tirelessly to bring the full cross-play experience we pride ourselves on to all gamers in this latest PWA update,” said Pascal Manchon, the CTO at Blacknut. “We are proud to reach this milestone, bringing cloud gaming on iOS to all our subscribers and making cloud gaming even more accessible.”

The first version of Blacknut’s PWA is available exclusively on the Safari web browser. The application can be directly installed on iOS devices by visiting the Blacknut app website.

A monthly Blacknut subscription currently costs €14.99 ($18.31).

The Profit‘s Take:

The world doesn’t need more cloud gaming services. Even the major tech companies can’t make them work. At this price, there is no chance of success.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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