Teravision Games Joins BlockchainK2’s Amplify Alliance

On May 17th, BlockchainK2 Corp announced that Teravision Games had joined the organization’s Amplify Alliance. As a result, Teravision will provide developer guidance as Amplify Games continues to build its gaming technology platform.

“The Amplify Team truly understands the needs and challenges of independent developers and are bringing all their passion, expertise, and technology to solve one of the key challenges every indie developer has: discoverability,” said Enrique Fuentes, the CEO of Teravision Games. “I believe their platform will become extremely valuable for indie developers and our team is looking forward to providing support for this awesome project.”

BlockchainK2 Corp is a holding company that invests in blockchain technology solutions for various capital markets. BlockchainK2 Corp is the owner of the Amplify Games Inc. gaming platform.

Amplify Games is a gaming technology platform that specializes in title distribution and development. The organization utilizes blockchain technology to provide solutions for the ever-growing gaming market.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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