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Business of Esports TV: AR/VR is the Future

(Livestream 137)

In this segment, we discuss the CEO of Unity claiming that AR and VR will soon overtake consoles.

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Paul Dawalibi 29:18
The headline is unity CEO predicts AR VR headsets will be as common as game consoles by 2030. And I want to connect these two because I’m just curious if If you think any of any of what we saw with Facebook has any bearing on this prediction.

William Collis 30:10
Like I mean is there’s two things I think one is. That timeline doesn’t sound crazy to me, right? Particularly because I’ve been looking at a lot of iPhone stories and realizing the iPhone is like only like 10 years old. You know what I mean? That’s a little bit of an exaggeration that I think it’s actually about. Right, right. The iPhones like roughly 10 years old, so like, basically 10 years from now, like, technology gets adopted this fast. You know what I mean? Like, and we probably are closer to the point of the curve where VR looks like the iPhone, early stage iPhone than it does like, you know, the legacy like gross giant notepads that predecessor it. Is that right? predecessor? That’s a word, right? It’s an awesome word. But there’s a bigger piece here, which is Yeah, could it be that per Facebook’s roadmap? You know, to Jimmy’s point, now is the time when they have to figure it out. Because they know they need four years, and then two years of engineering time or whatever, you know what I mean? Like, it’s interesting, because and then that also, if you really want to read the tea leaves, you could say, What does Facebook know about VR that we don’t if they think the medium is worth testing ads in now, is there some next gen piece of tech, we haven’t seen that? Because again, VR has always been so close. Like, but not it’s never had its spot. It’s like, it’s always been just one step away from the spotlight, right? But I’m always a believer, anytime there’s a new VR game, or anytime there’s a new VR, like incremental product improvement. I’m like watching it like a hawk, because I’m like, this next one could be at the water, very tech driven. Yeah, very tech driven. So you know, who knows? Could there be a big innovation on the horizon too, and that’s why they want to test it now. Because they know the wave is coming.

Paul Dawalibi 31:52
I just want to read some of these comments. Christian says, I see your point, Paul, bringing in Amazon, but I feel like the audience spectrum is much larger with Amazon where Oculus hasn’t gotten there yet at the price point. Yeah, I think we all agree that it may help bring it to a larger audience, though, potentially if to William’s point. It’s it’s a discount mechanism rather than a, you know, a way to increase profits or revenue. Chris says if that means 25% of gaming versus 50% mobile and 25% PC, he may be right I mean, let’s just to Chris’s point here Who’s Who here thinks unity CEO prediction will be correct. By 2030 VR and AR headsets will be as common as game consoles

Jimmy Baratta 32:38
I don’t think it will be that much but I think there it’ll there’ll be a large rise from where it is today. But

Paul Dawalibi 32:44
can you think there will still be more cautious in 2030 in the Congo

Jeff Cohen 32:48
dead so they’re both going to be zero? PC Miss masterclass? Jeff got it. No,

Paul Dawalibi 32:56
guys, come on. We’re all going to be playing on our phones. Those games the gaming stadia and mobile phones.

William Collis 33:04
I hope this is right. Like I don’t want VR air to be like flying cars. You know, like, we all know they’re supposed to be here but they’re not like I don’t want that to be what it’s VR. We’re the chosen one meme. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

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