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Who Has Emerged As The Clear Winner In The Apple-Epic Games Lawsuit?

Ray Wang of MarketWatch, recently posted an article entitled “Opinion: In the Epic vs. Apple court fight, there’s one clear winner”. In this piece, Wang explains that he believes Apple will come out of this trial as the real winner in the public’s eye.

“Apple has shown that its ecosystem is fair. Epic is abusing the public pressure on tech giants to make a point and challenge the distribution model,” Wang writes. “… In this case, there is no conflict of interest and Apple has not unfairly given its own apps any special treatment when compared to Epic. In fact, quite the contrary. Epic doesn’t deserve special treatment at the detriment to other members of the ecosystem.  And Apple doesn’t deserve to go to court.”

The federal trial between Apple and Epic Games began on May 3rd, 2021. According to court documents, the businesses have argued over whether Apple’s 15% to 30% commissions for use of in-app payment systems amount to anti-competitive behavior.

It is currently unclear when a ruling on the case will be given. However, the trial was originally scheduled to last only three weeks.

The Profit‘s Take:

I have been unapologetically Team Apple since the beginning of this lawsuit. I am worried though that this trial has actually become a distraction at this point for Epic Games. These legal matters may have shown that Epic has taken its eye off the ball when it comes to producing top-tier esports content. Apple has done a good job of pleading its case and looking like a more user-friendly company than Epic. Let’s just hope these legal proceedings don’t cause Epic Games to have a drop-off in content.

If you are interested in learning more about the Apple-Epic Games lawsuit, just click here.

(All information was provided by Market Watch, The Verge,, Twitter, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Finance)

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