Legacy Games Unveils New Indie Publishing Program

On May 18th, Legacy Games unveiled the company’s new Indie title publishing program. The initiative was started to help Indie developers easily publish and distribute new video games for PC devices.

“There are many fewer retail and digital sites to purchase casual PC games than there were a few years ago,” said Ariella Lehrer, Legacy Games’ CEO. “Many of our competitors have switched their focus to mobile. Our customers find Steam overwhelming. I believe there is a significant revenue opportunity for indie developers to reach new customers and generate incremental revenue by partnering with Legacy.”

Legacy Games connects Indie PC game developers with a large customer base through the organization’s unique distribution networks. This includes distribution deals with large companies like Walmart as well as several online retailers.

Legacy Games is a company that develops and sells PC games targeted at women over the age of 40. The organization has development contracts with more than 50 publishers that have created over 500 individual games.

(All information was provided by Globe Newswire)

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