Second Game Arena Gaming Center Opens In Columbus

A second Game Arena location recently opened at the Ohio State University Gateway. On June 2nd, the venue announced it will be allowed to operate at full capacity (200 people).

“We used the three years of experience at the other location to rethink everything about an eSports facility and what would be the best way to create the customer experience we are striving for,” said Justin Kogge, the CEO of Game Arena. “It really does feel like a tale of two locations — you will get a completely different experience going to each one.”

This is the second Columbus-based Game Arena location to open. The first Game Arena venue was opened in Hilliard, Ohio in 2018.

The Game Arena venue located at the OSU Gateway is open four days a week. One-hour-long passes to play at the venue start at $7.

(All information was provided by Game Arena, The Lantern, and Columbus Underground)

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