Azerion And Anzu Unveil Partnership

In-game advertising platform recently unveiled a new partnership with digital gaming and monetization platform Azerion. As a result, Azerion will now offer Anzu’s in-game advertising solutions to users around the globe that generate over 1.6 trillion monetary transactions each month.

“Gaming is the next major media channel,” says Yaniv Rozencweig, Director of Business Operations at Anzu. “Since blended in-game ads respect the gamer and don’t interrupt gameplay — and even enhance gameplay by adding fun realism — gamers are welcoming of these types of ads. The partnership with Azerion brings the power of programmatic blended in-game advertising to brands around the world, who will now be able to easily and confidently reach previously hard-to-reach audiences.”

Anzu’s in-game advertising will give Azerion advertisers the ability to display ads, both in and out of video games, on PC, mobile, and console platforms. It will also allow the advertisers to direct and control where and when ads are seen and when they are engaged with thanks to Anzu’s first-party data collection.

(All information was provided by Exchange Wire)

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