DarkZero Esports And Aim Lab Create “Rainbow Six: Siege” Training Program

DarkZero Esports and Aim Lab have recently launched a Rainbow Six: Siege training program. This comes as part of an ongoing partnership between the two organizations that dates back to October of 2020.

Aim Lab will reportedly help DarkZero Esports design new training scenarios and tasks for Rainbow Six: Siege players. One of the team’s founding members, Brandon “BC” Carr, recently came out of retirement to coach DZ while helping create content and tasks specifically designed for Rainbow Six: Siege.

“Aim Lab is integral in our esports program; we train and warm-up daily using Aim Lab tasks to isolate specific aiming mechanics,” Carr said. “I’m looking forward to officially cementing our partnership and to continue designing Siege-related tasks and creating tutorial content around them.”

Aim Lab is an A.I.-based training platform used by gamers across the globe. The organization reports having over ten million users worldwide.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and Aim Lab)

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