Perforce Software Continuing To Grow At Record Pace

Perforce Software recently announced its Helix branded asset management business is continuing to experience record growth. This comes as the company continues to expand into gaming and virtual production verticals in order to meet increased customer demands.

“We are pleased to partner with Perforce for The Suicide Squad. Our teams use Helix Core because it just works. There are never any problems with scale or security, and we need to be sure we can rely on the systems that form the backbone of our production. Plus, the tool is easy for everyone to use – from technical users to designers and artists. Perforce has been a great partner for us,” said Halon Entertainment.

Helix Core reported its production and gaming verticals grew by 50% in 2020. Furthermore, the COVID-19 Pandemic drove the number of Helix Core customers to over 4,000 worldwide.

Perforce is a provider of development operations solutions. The organization is privately held and funded by Clearlake Capital and Francisco Partners.

(All information was provided by Southern Minn)

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