SEG Esports Partnering With Adamas Esports

SEG Esports recently agreed to a partnership with Adamas Esports. As part of the deal, Adamas will have access to the SEG Esports Training Center in Amsterdam. Adamas will also be an esports solutions provider for SEG clients and content creators.

“After several positive and inspiring conversations [with Cousens], we were sure we would make a great fit and we could add value on both sides,” said SEG Esports’s Division Director, Rowan Stroo. “We work with a lot of young talent who might not get the full support from a professional [esports] team yet. This way, we can give them affordable access to high-quality services early in their career. For our more established players, we can get them the right help without having to rely on their team, this could include getting a ‘second opinion’ on what would be the best approach for an issue.”

It is being reported that the SEG Training Center is scheduled to open this summer.

SEG Esports is an organization that is focused on bringing together gaming and traditional sports. The company is currently headquartered in Amsterdam.

(All information was provided by SEG Esports and Esports Insider)

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