Simplicity Esports And Gaming Launching E-Commerce Platform, Also Begins Mining For Crypto

On June 8th, Simplicity Esports and Gaming revealed it will be launching a live e-commerce website next month. The platform will be used to sell esports-related merchandise including trading cards, gaming accessories, and video game equipment.

“We have the largest footprint of esports gaming centers in the U.S., but we have yet to reach 37 states. Our e-commerce platform will allow us to complement that footprint by servicing the rest of the country with the potential to expand globally,” said Roman Franklin, the CEO of Simplicity Esports. “I believe our e-commerce platform will also drive increased traffic into our physical gaming center locations with free shipping if the customer picks up their purchase inside a Simplicity Esports or PLAYlive Nation esports gaming center. TCG cards have been in such high demand that it is difficult for customers to find them on the shelves of their local retail stores. In May, Target announced it would be suspending the sale of TCG products inside its retail stores because of conflicts with customers over the limited availability of the products. We have access to TCG products and can meet immediate demand.”

Three days later, Simplicity announced it will begin using gaming PCs to passively mine for cryptocurrencies. This comes as part of a collaboration with Esports Entertainment subsidiary ggCircuit.

Simplicity Esports and Gaming has 33 esports centers throughout North America with 20 gaming stations at each location. It is being reported that these PCs can be used to passively mine for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

(All information was provided by Globe Newswire [1,2])

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