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Study Shows Video Game Influencers Draw The Most Fans

According to a recent report from Tubular Labs, video game influencers have some of the most supportive fans in the world. Youtube viewers that watch gaming content are 53% more loyal than average website audience members.

“It’s no surprise top creators with the highest reach, who continually deliver great content to their audiences, compel viewers to come back time and time again,” the report said. “This means the better and more consistent your content strategy, the more likely you’ll attract advertisers along with loyal viewers.”

The study suggests loyalty to content creators translates to a much deeper connection when compared to the bonds created by regular media companies. When the top 1,000 influencers were compared to the top 1,000 media companies, gamers had 17% higher levels of loyalty.

The Profit‘s Take:

We’ve learned many times from our data partner at YouGov that gaming influencers are currently the MOST valuable audience to be going after. Every brand should have a strategy for this.

(All information was provided by Forbes)

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