British Basketball League Partnering With Innovation Esports

On July 1st, the British Basketball League (BBL) announced it signed a new, multi-year partnership with Innovation Esports. As a result of this agreement, Innovation Esports has been named the official gaming partner of the BBL.

The organizations will also work together to launch the BBL gaming and esports program. This project aims to connect players, fans, and teams with a safe and trustworthy community of gamers.

“We are excited to launch the BBL Gaming and Esports Programme to extend how we can build a bond with our fans,” said Andy Webb, the league’s COO. “At a time when we know our fans want to engage with their teams but have been unable to do so physically, this gives them a way to not only support but participate on behalf of the teams they follow. This will grow during this year into a parallel season running our esports league alongside our main league.”

The companies will also be holding casual and competitive esports tournaments with the events’ qualifying rounds scheduled to start on August 1st. Registration for these competitions officially opened on July 1st.

(All information was provided by Insider Sport and the BBL)

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