Fandom Sports Beginning To Accept Wagers On Esports

On June 17th, Fandom Sports Media Corp announced the company had successfully implemented odds-line wagering into the organization’s esports ecosystem. As a result, users can now place wagers on titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, VALORANT, and so on.

It is being reported that odds-line wagering will offer users a more robust selection of esports betting. Players will be allowed to place bets against odds lines while interacting with their favorite esports teams and players through online streams.

“The dynamic capabilities of the Fandom Sports UIA platform will be used to refine the Company’s data analytics proficiencies to remain at the forefront of wagering technologies for popular game titles. Esports odds line wagering rounds out our Esports offering and provides Esports fans with a centralized, comprehensive wagering experience,” said David Vinokurov, the company’s CEO. “The Company will now be able to develop multiple revenue streams by acting as the house on other sides of Esports wagers. Our development team will also be analyzing the incoming odds feeds and game outcomes to optimize the platform’s predictive capabilities moving forward. Fandom Sports remains committed to applying industry-leading data analytics and presentation capabilities as we round out our Esports offerings and look to expand beyond Esports.”

Fandom Sports Media Corp is an entertainment company that was founded in 2006. The organization is currently headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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