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Google Partners With Unity To Improve Chromebook Gaming Capabilities

Unity recently unveiled a partnership with Google. As part of this agreement, the companies will work together to improve Android Gaming capabilities on the Chrome operating system.

Starting with Unity’s 2021.2 engine, users will be able to add Chrome OS functionality to new and existing Android applications. The company also announced it will be adding Chrome OS support to its 2021.1 engine and LTS engine later this year.

“Chrome OS has been the fastest-growing segment in the laptop/PC market, with more than 100% year-over-year growth in 2020 and over 30 million Chromebooks shipped in the same 12-month period – already there were 11 million shipped in Q1 of this year! Chrome OS is particularly strong for educational and casual home use, making Chromebooks a great opportunity to bring mobile games to an even broader audience,” Unity said in a blog post. “As more Android users opt for Chromebooks, we believe that this platform would be an interesting opportunity for Android devs.”

Unity is a cross-platform video game engine developed by Unity Technologies. The engine was first released back in June of 2005.

The Profit‘s Take:

It’s amazing what Google will waste time and resources on. No one should be gaming on a Chromebook. Google’s gaming strategy is a complete mess, with no direction or vision.

(All information was provided by Google, Unity, Android Police, and Android Central)

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