Panic Launches Playdate Handheld Gaming Device

On June 8th, American start-up company Panic unveiled the organization’s new gaming product. Playdate is a handheld video gaming device that is scheduled to hit stores this summer.

The portable gaming device features a retro black-and-white screen as well as a hand crank that can be used to control characters in games. It is also being reported that the product will automatically come with 24 free games, with two titles being released each week.

“It’s a new, tiny handheld game system with a bunch of brand-new games,” it says on the Playdate website. “We made Playdate just for fun.”

The device can be pre-ordered beginning in July. Playdate has a starting price of $179. A cover for the product can also be pre-ordered for $29.

(All information was provided by Axios and Playdate)

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