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Business of Esports TV: LoL IRL

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In this segment, we discuss Riot announcing that the 2021 NA LCS will be held in-person in New Jersey

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Paul Dawalibi 1:17:58
But this is Riot in the news. And the headline here is Riot Games brings back in person event for North American League of Legends championship. And this article is obviously about Riot announcing for league that their North American championship is going to be held in person, end of August at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. And it’s going to be an obviously an in person event. I don’t think there’s any limits on how many people they’re going to put in the stadium, you know, they will pack it. And and this is going to be a big return for Riot in North America, obviously for in person events. Is anyone surprised? It’s kind of a silly question, but this is what stood out to me. And maybe you guys have other thoughts on this story. Anyone surprised that they would pick the Prudential Center in New Jersey for their big like, comeback championship? Why New Jersey? And why the Prudential Center in New Jersey? Right? Everyone likes to say the LA is sort of the bigger hub for eSports. Why? Why here?

Jeff Cohen 1:19:10
I think you’ve made it work. It’s a study.

Jimmy Mondal 1:19:15
I think genuinely the East Coast is starved for content and tournament’s and all the rest. And I think they did a really great job having worlds at Madison Square Garden when they did a couple years ago. I don’t know why they wouldn’t do it here again. I’m assuming it has something to do with cost. But I don’t know maybe they’re just trying not to repeat venues but that doesn’t work because they do the Staples Center in LA all the time so I don’t know why not MSG. I have no idea

Jimmy Baratta 1:19:42
to add DJ Khaled it’s a hit

Jimmy Mondal 1:19:44
No please God trying to forget that please. so bad.

Paul Dawalibi 1:19:51
Anyone no one thinks they’ll bring back DJ Khaled no one wants that. Who here wants to see DJ Khaled come back for some more eSports events.

William Collis 1:19:58
I think they should double down I think like it could be a meme. It could be like every year. DJ Khaled Did you like I think they should own it and just go all in like every year. That’s like a 10 year collaboration

Jimmy Mondal 1:20:17
with DJ Khaled providing all the soundtracks for Modern Warfare 5

William Collis 1:20:22
relevant hype

Paul Dawalibi 1:20:25
is the bigger takeaway here that in person is back for eSports. Like if Riot’s doing a big event end of August, officially, this is This marks the return. William I don’t know if you ever thought

William Collis 1:20:36
yeah, I mean, if Riot’s doing it, it’s a really good signal, right. Like they have the most to lose, I think about rushing back to in person early. Right. It’s a very strong and more to the point. Now other people will look and say, well, Riot’s doing it. Maybe we can do it, too. I think it’s a strong bellwether, for sure. them by itself is not sufficient, because I think they will have I think, you know, my guess is they’re gonna have strictures and requirements and everything to make this extra safe. Like, I don’t think it’s gonna be 100% like, just like, just like three years ago, but I think it’s a really good sign for the market.

Jimmy Baratta 1:21:14
Also, I mean, like, look at look at the NBA Finals right now. Look, I had a friend who just went to a Garth Brooks concert in Vegas. I’m not surprised by the live event as much as I am. Or as much as I want to discuss why Prudential New Jersey? Right, but but but to Williams point, I think if Riot’s Riot’s gonna do it, others will follow.

Paul Dawalibi 1:21:34
Is it is it the Dignitas connection? Is it the right? I don’t know. Jeff, if you have thoughts there.

Jeff Cohen 1:21:41
why they did it the Prudential Center?

Paul Dawalibi 1:21:43


Dignitas. Yeah.

Jeff Cohen 1:21:47
Right. Well, yeah, and Dignitas is owned by Harris Blitzer, which is, of course, who of course owns the Prudential Center. So yeah, I think it would be naive not to assume that there was some, you know, connection there or? Yeah. Makes perfect sense. And it’s a good building. I mean, it’s, it’s it’s the right size. It’s, you know,

Paul Dawalibi 1:22:07
just to be clear, 19,500 seats. Got not 7000 seats. All right, Toronto.

Jeff Cohen 1:22:16
Yeah, you don’t need to host in the LCS. Yes, you can host Overwatch League. You could comfortably have seat, you know, you could have everyone have an extra leg room.

Jimmy Mondal 1:22:26

Paul Dawalibi 1:22:28
Overwatch League just got juiced. Says could be scheduling conflicts at venues with all the events coming back. That’s an interesting one. Maybe this wasn’t their first choice.

Jimmy Mondal 1:22:42
They’re like God, New Jersey.

William Collis 1:22:45
That’s a really good point. Like there. That’s a really good point. And maybe then the connection to Dignitas makes sense because they could get into the schedule, you know.

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