Wichita Wolves Announce Signing Of Team APE

Wichita Wolves Esports recently announced the organization signed team APE, a North American semi-professional Rainbow Six Siege team. According to the company’s CEO, this signing makes the Wolves “Wichita’s first professional ESports team.”

“That’s exciting,” said Wichita Wolves’ CEO Dylan Reese. “Considering we entered the e-sport just a year ago and in that time, we’ve won a majority of our championships and titles in Siege.”

Wichita Wolves Esports is a gaming organization based in Wichita, Kansas. The company was founded in 2019 and was recently named the official esports team of the city back in April.

Wichita is a city located in South-central Kansas. It is the state’s most populous city with over 391K residents.

(All information was provided by KSN-TV, Wichita Wolves Esports, and World Population Review)

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