MSI And ESL Launch Southeast Asian College “VALORANT” Tournament

On June 11th, Micro-star International (MSI) announced it will be launching the company’s new MSI Gaming Arena (MGA) college program across Southeast Asia. This initiative is expected to feature two competitive seasons of VALORANT that will take place from July to November.

The MGA college program will be open to all collegiate esports athletes in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The MGA University Championship will serve as the regulatory body for the league while each individual country will develop its own program to best serve local players.

“MSI has organized MGA successfully around the world for years, including USA, Russia, and China, giving the players, no matter pro or casual, a stage to compete with the best and a chance to shine. It is our goal with the MGA University Championship to provide college and university age players an opportunity to directly participate in the wonderful world of esports,” Sam Chern, the Vice President of Marketing at MSI, said in a press release.

MSI partnered with many different organizations for this program. These partnerships were with ESL gaming, TheGaming Company, One Up esports, Riot Games, and VNG.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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