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Business of Esports TV: 2K Gaming Chair

(Livestream 140)

In this segment, we discuss a new chair by Cooler Master being sold for $2,000.

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Paul Dawalibi 52:33
I think this is just you know, it’s a weekly segment. It’s a weekly segment, but this one’s hilarious. The headline here Cooler Master and D-Box Technologies who by the way, I think I even mentioned by name on the last live stream literally by name are coming out with a $2,000 Gaming chair says you might want to have a seat when you see the price tag for the new gaming chair being released by Cooler Master and D-Box. Basically, it’s a $2,000 chair. I don’t know if this will work, but I don’t think you’ll get the audio even if I turned it on. But it’s this very cool $2,000 chair for the base model and 20 $300 for what they call the motion one version. It’s gonna use technology for movie theaters and amusement parks to create that fully immersive experience. How funny is it that one week later guys one week it took one week for me to be right here. How long till we see a $5,000 chair I give you want this one instead of the BMW one.

Jimmy Mondal 53:57
No, I want the BMW one. I want the AI in the seat. Where’s the AI

Paul Dawalibi 54:02
This one is not smart.

Jimmy Baratta 54:04
I want the one I can expense.

Paul Dawalibi 54:10
true true. The $2,000 one then Jimmy is it’ll be anyone have thoughts on on high tech chair proliferation that we didn’t cover?

William Collis 54:23
I don’t think we have enough ultra luxury in games. I’ve said this before I think we can support way higher price points. I think 2000 is low. I still I actually

Paul Dawalibi 54:33
I agree William

William Collis 54:34
Paul I think 2000 is low. Like I’m not even

Jimmy Mondal 54:36
And look at brands too. Right?

William Collis 54:39
I think you will be stunned what particularly when it’s such a core ingredient of your gaming experience like your chair is so important to how you play to how long you can play like I

Paul Dawalibi 54:52
like it to be clear. I think this is cheap. Like that D-Box add on which is only $300 here like it’s 2300 a day D-Box motion platform if you’re doing like a sim rig, like you’re really into sim racing and you’re doing a sim rig with D-Box D-Box is like the high end of like the I would what I would call the mainstream sim sim-rig segment. It’s like the top of the top in that mainstream. Just the motion platform can be like $2,000. Oh, so like, This, to me is an impressive price point to have hit.

Jimmy Mondal 55:26
Yeah, I think we’re gonna see much more expensive chairs, especially like this is Cooler Master and D-Box, right, like Cooler Master is a great company, they make great products. I think there are other also great companies that will make better products, probably more expensive. I think they’re just waiting for their opening, like Corsair is going to come in with like a $5,000 shirt. I feel like Corsair and like Audi or something like Who knows? They’ve already shown an inch. Like, you know, so many automotive brands have already shown interest in the space, they’re investing in eSports and so many things, like, it’s only a matter of time.

Paul Dawalibi 56:00
Where is it? Are we gonna see like a? What do you call it? Like, where you have this more of, you know, a one upsmanship on gaming chairs? Like, Is there gonna be this?

William Collis 56:11
I think you’re more gonna find the market will race up until you find there will be a peak price point. My guess is it’s probably going to be around $10,000 for ultra luxury like that. Typically price point you see in sort of other adoption markets, right? I’m just throwing it out there. And at that point, there will be a couple very high profile providers with $10,000 offerings that are trying to distinguish themselves by features that are mainly distinguishing themselves by marketing. Because at that stage, all the meaningful features are built in so it’s, it’s effectively a luxury item.

Paul Dawalibi 56:48

Jimmy Baratta 56:49
Oh, say I mean, yeah, I want that Gucci collab on my BMW chair. And that’s what that’ll give me the 10k for sure.

Paul Dawalibi 56:56
I was gonna say I thought you were gonna say where we have to reach out to Cooler Master because we need to make these chairs the official chair or something of the, you know, the live stream or something.

Jeff Cohen 57:07
Yeah, you should get each of us one of these Paul

William Collis 57:10
every every time. We’ve rumble.

Jimmy Mondal 57:15
Based in the intro rumbles the chairs are

Paul Dawalibi 57:17
only if I control the motion of all the chairs right, I can turn them around voice

Jimmy Mondal 57:25
launches, Jeff.

Paul Dawalibi 57:31
Owen says Paul has already pre ordered for sure. I have already emailed Cooler Master and Trent says the TSM x Logitech x Herman Miller cash grab, I mean, Trent, these are good chairs, though the Herman Miller’s are, are worth every penny literally worth every penny, they could double the price and I still think they’d be worth every penny. You know, if you sit in one for a long period of time, it really, really makes a difference. It’s the one place where I don’t think it’s a cash grab, like truly don’t think it’s a cash grab.

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