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Zoom Launches Video Game Offering, Acquires Five9

In a recent blog post from the company’s official website, Zoom announced the launch of Zoom Apps, a type of “integration system that will let other applications work with Zoom.” This product will allow Zoom users to play various video game titles through the organization’s web-based services such as Heads Up! and Kahoot!

“Zoom Apps combine your favorite apps with the power of video communications by allowing you to access them directly in your Zoom Meetings,” reads the official blog post. “You can enrich your Zoom experience with a variety of apps that cover many use cases — including whiteboarding, project management, note-taking, gaming, and more!”

Zoom also recently acquired the Australian cloud-based software company Five9 in an all-stock deal worth $14.7 billion. This acquisition comes at a time where the gaming industry in Australia is booming. A recent PwC report showed Australian esports revenues will continue increasing by 7.5% each year through 2025.

The Profit‘s Take:

I don’t really get why they’re doing this. It’s a little late for them to make the move into gaming. More importantly, though, I feel like this is a gaming crossover we don’t need. I mean, who’s going to log on and play hours of video games on Zoom?

(All information was provided by Zoom, Sports Video Group, and ExchangeWire)

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