Former NFL Star Ahman Green Explains His Venture Into Esports

Ahman Green is a former NFL running back and the current esports coach for Lakeland University. Green was recently interviewed by aspiring journalist Andrew Czysz. During this conversation, he explained why he has decided to enter the world of competitive gaming.

“Being an Esports Coach is a really fun job! I have a great passion for video games, so it is easy to coach esports at the university level,” Green said. “The only difficulties I have encountered are my 1st-year esports players having to adjust to the demands of practicing more seriously and focusing more on playing as a team and holding each other accountable to do their role in each game.”

Green went on to say that his father helped him get into video games growing up. He worked in I.T. during the 1980s, which piqued Green’s interest in gaming at a young age.

Ahman Green is a former running back who played in the National Football League for 12 years. During his career, he was elected to four straight Pro Bowls as a member of the Green Bay Packers

(All information was provided by The Journal Times, Esports Heaven, and Pro-Football-Reference)

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