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GamerzClass Completes $2.5M Round Of Fundraising

GamerzClass recently announced the company completed a $2.5 million seed round of funding. So far, the company has secured $4.2 million in investments to date.

This financing round was led by the venture group byFounders. Other investors included Bumble Ventures, TrueSight Ventures, Ben Holmes (formerly of GP Index Ventures), and Morten Wulf of GameAnalytics.

“Our goal is to become the preferred partner for gaming creators by working closely with their content, curating and matching it with individual users, and offering a superior monetization model,” said the co-founder of GamerzClass Victor Folmann. “We are constantly adapting to fit the creator’s needs.”

GamerzClass is a start-up company based in Denmark. The organization offers online lessons and tutorials in some of the most popular video games on the planet.

The Profit‘s Take:

$4.2M for online lessons for video games? First, they’re competing with a mountain of individual creators on YouTube posting tips and tricks daily. Second, that content they’re competing against is free. And third, this has to be an awfully big exit for these investors to ever see a decent return. Tough road ahead.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat, Google, and Esports Insider)

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