Chain Of Insight Unveils Game With Cryptocurrency-Based Prizes

On June 15th, Chain of Insight unveiled a new title on the company’s esports platform. Project Uanon is a puzzle game that offers players a chance to win cryptocurrency-based rewards.

“The world is battling a computer virus known as VOID-9, a digital variant of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021,” reads a description of the game. “There are many theories about VOID-9’s creation and how it became the first biological computer virus. Various factions have emerged to champion their version of the story. While you’ve no reason to trust anyone yet, there’s no denying factions have access to classified intelligence. Ally with the faction you think gets you reliable intel as you all compete in pursuit of the bigger picture. Think carefully about it, changing alliances is risky, you might be branded a snitch.”

Players can compete with each other for over $100K in cryptocurrency-based prizes. These rewards are delivered on the Tezos blockchain.

In this game, conspiracy theories rule since “mainstream media is rarely trusted”. As a result, the truth can be found in the form of non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens (NFTs) known as Truth Shards. Players can receive Truth Shards and use them to unlock cash prizes.

Project Uanon was launched in March of 2021. The game is now entering its second season of play.

(All information was provided by Globe Newswire)

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