Five Developers To Receive Grants Through Play NYC Video Game Expo

The Graffiti Games program was recently highlighted at the annual Play NYC game expo which will be held in New York City on August 7th and 8th. This initiative aims to give small-time creators the tools they need to build and publish successful video games.

Five developers will be recognized for their accomplishments at the event. Each dev will receive a $5,000 grant to create a video game that they will retain ownership of, as well as booth space, exhibitor badges, and a travel stipend for individuals outside of New York.

“Graffiti Games has always been an important part of each year’s Play NYC,” said Dan Butchko, the Founder Playcrafting. “I’m so excited to evolve this initiative into a fuller annualized program alongside our friends at Rockstar Games. As New York opens up this summer, there’s no better time to celebrate the diversity that enriches our city and industry while giving attendees five new games that can be played together, without distance. This is an important year for Graffiti Games. I’m grateful to Rockstar Games for their continued support. And I can’t wait to see what our selected developers dream up!”

Playcrafting is a network of video game developers based in New York that was founded in 2017. The organization has hosted the Play NYC expo every year since 2017.

(All information was provided by Playcrafting)

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