Scopernia Launches Esports Consulting Service In The Middle East

The management consultation organization Scopernia recently launched an esports consulting platform called Scopernia Gaming. This service will aim to help growing video game businesses in the Middle Eastern esports ecosystem.

“We support organizations to gain the most from the gaming ecosystem rather than do the cursory banner-ad approach that does not gain effective eye-balls,” said Scopernia’s MENA (Middle East and North African) managing director Jeremy Denisty. “By understanding the aspirations and attitudes of young people through insights gained from the gaming industry, we will support government and business entities to be prepared for the future. Organizations can learn more about customer behavior, especially that of youth, and new ways of living.”

Scopernia is a privately held consulting company that was founded in 2020. The business currently has two main offices: one in Belgium and another in Dubai.

(All information was provided by Consultancy-me, GISuser, and LinkedIn)

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