Arrowhead Game Studios Invests In Mind Detonator

On July 9th, Arrowhead Game Studios announced it had invested in the development incubator Mind Detonator. This will give more money to Mind Detonator which aims to help bring resources to aspiring game developers that live outside of major metropolitan areas.

“Mind Detonator is a fantastic initiative that gives us a chance to give back and create an opportunity for more people to be part of a journey equally as fantastic as our own,” said Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt. “I really wish there was something similar when we started our business.”

The organizations will also work together to set up “Game Villages” in different countries’ rural areas. This will provide financing opportunities for development teams all around the world. The first Game Village is set to open in northern Sweden this coming October.

Arrowhead Game Studios is a video game publishing company based in Sweden that was founded in 2008. They are famous for making hit titles like Gauntlet, Helldivers, and Magicka.

(All information was provided by Arrowhead Game Studios, Gameworld Observer, Google, and MCV/Develop)

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