Candy Crush Maker Investigated By PayPal

Royal Games, an online gaming portal owned by King (the company behind Candy Crush Saga), recently came under fire because paying customers have not been able to cash out their funds. This happened because King was investigated by PayPal over the company’s operations in specific countries throughout Europe.

“All of our players are important to us and so to avoid any further disappointment, we’ve suspended new deposits until this issue is resolved,” a King spokesperson told Eurogamer in a statement. “For those awaiting a withdrawal, we have updated them via our site that there will be a delay. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and regret that we’re unable to offer an alternative process.”

According to Eurogamer, the company’s website withdrawal page is once again active. However, the site continues to no longer accept “real-world money deposits.”

When contacted, PayPal said they could not comment on individual cases. However, a spokesperson said “PayPal has served UK businesses, charities and consumers for almost 20 years. We are committed to the highest levels of compliance, and our decisions on account holds, or other actions, are designed to protect both buyers and sellers. We understand the impact account holds may have and our dedicated team is always available to assist customers with questions that they have.”

(All information was provided by Eurogamer)

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