College Gamers Gearing Up For Championships In Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan college students are preparing for the country’s sixth annual collegiate esports competition. Registration for the Inter-University Esports Championship 2021 officially closed on June 29th.

The tournament series is scheduled to begin on July 5th. Participants from over 50 different schools will come together to take part in 16 different video game competitions. Some of the games that will be featured include Call of Duty, Dota 2, Mario Kart, VALORANT, and more.

The event is organized annually by Gamer.LK, the country’s intercollegiate esports governing body. Other companies sponsoring this year’s events include Softlogic, Dell, Samsung, and Red Bull.

Sri Lanka is a small island country located off the coast of India. As of 2019, 21.8 million people are living in Sri Lanka, according to World Bank.

(All information was provided by, Gamer.LK, and Google)

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