Mediacorp Teaming Up With EMERGE Esports

EMERGE Esports recently announced it had signed a strategic partnership deal with Mediacorp. As part of the agreement, EMERGE will collaborate with Mediacorp’s network, Bloomr.SG, to develop original gaming content.

“Esports has evolved beyond a hobby or a niche interest to become a recognized industry on a global scale,” said EMERGE Esports’ CEO Roy Kek. “We are glad a pioneer like Mediacorp acknowledges this and is looking to promote esports content. Together with Bloomr.SG, we look forward to amplifying the growth of esports and to cultivate the next generation of creative content creators in Singapore and in the region.”

EMERGE creators will be able to utilize Mediacorp resources and facilities in order to improve their content. Furthermore, EMERGE gamers will receive promotion and sponsorship opportunities, according to a press release.

EMERGE Esports is a Singapore-based gaming content creation and talent agency. According to the company’s LinkedIn page, the organization was founded in 2020.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider and LinkedIn)

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