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EA CEO Says Multiplayer Is Google Stadia’s Biggest Problem

Andrew Wilson is the current Chief Executive Officer of Electronic Arts Inc. (EA). Wilson recently sat down for an interview with Fortune Magazine. During this conversation, he explained the biggest issue with the cloud gaming service Google Stadia.

“I’ve actually played some games on Stadia and I will tell you, the game experience is actually pretty good. It’s not bad,” Wilson said. “The issue with Stadia was that for multiplayer games, it was really hard to find other people to play with early on in the cycle. These games are now social networks. These are not solo experiences that we play in the back of our bedroom or our basement; we do this with other people, we connect around the world. It’s just going to take a little bit of time, but what I saw was actually reassuring, because there was a lot of goodness in gameplay and that’s only going to get better.”

Stadia has had several issues over the last couple of months. Most recently, John Justice, the Vice President and Head of Product at Google Stadia, announced he was leaving the company. Despite these problems, the organization’s developer marketing lead, Nate Ahearn, said Google Stadia is “alive and well.”

The Profit‘s Take:

There are so many more issues than just “multiplayer”. Stadia is dead.

(All information was provided by Fortune Magazine, 9to5GoogleYahoo! Finance, and Business Insider)

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