Unified Unveils Partnership With ESPAT AI

North American esports tournament organizer Unified recently unveiled a brand new partnership with ESPAT AI. As a result, ESPAT will become the official video and photo content distributor for Unified-operated tournaments.

“It’s a win for esports and for our attendees, to be able to showcase these great players and organizations with their emergence in the scene or their assertion of skills across competitions,” said Unified event director Rebecca Rong in a press release. “Through on-site tournaments, we’re giving attendees of all skill levels the chance to face-off on the big stage and to play like the pros. Through ESPAT, we are able to distribute high-quality content through new channels and share these victories on a whole new level.”

This partnership looks to “amplify the community and accelerate the esports learning curve” by giving more exposure to the gaming industry. Furthermore, both parties will reportedly use unspecified technology to generate new revenue opportunities for content creators.

Unified is a Kansas-based esports organization that was founded in 2016. The organization was recently rebranded from the Unified Esports Association (UEA) to just Unified.

(All information was provided by LinkedIn and Esports Insider)

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