Beauty Meets Gaming With Benefit Cosmetics’ New Twitch Channel

On June 20th, Benefit Cosmetics announced the company was launching an official Twitch channel. This comes as part of Benefit Cosmetics’ pilot program “Game Face”, which aims to empower women and other underrepresented groups in the gaming community.

“By expanding the Game Face program and our presence on Twitch, we’re hoping to make deeper connections with the up-and-coming generation of gamers,” said Toto HaBa, the SVP of Marketing & Communications at Benefit Cosmetics. “Our goal is to create a space where they can explore and combine their interests in beauty and gaming and ultimately feel empowered to get their best “Game Face” on so they can play and live stream with confidence. I hope to see more beauty brands tap into the gaming industry to support and highlight underrepresented talent.”

Benefit Cosmetics hosted a series of Twitch live streams from June 21st to the 28th to celebrate the channel launch. The organization partnered with 20 different gaming influencers from around the world to promote Benefit Cosmetics’ brands, initiatives, and products.

The “Game Face” campaign was originally launched exclusively in the US and Australia in 2020. The initiative looks to connect members of the beauty and gaming communities with one another while also supporting women in the esports field. This project encourages women to get their “Game Face” on using Benefit Cosmetics.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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