Four People Appointed To BITKRAFT Ventures Investment Team

BITKRAFT Ventures recently expanded the company’s investment team with the appointment of four new individuals. Sebastian Park, Carlos Pereira, Piers Kicks, and Faye Maidment have all joined the organization.

“BIKTRAFT Ventures is continuously expanding our support and offerings to portfolio companies and there is a need for our in-house talent to grow alongside our strategic business goals,” said Jens Hilgers, the Founding General Partner of BITKRAFT Ventures. “Bringing on these four crucial hires will accelerate our growth as we leverage their unique perspectives and experiences to continue to provide profound expertise, network access, and capital sources to entrepreneurs in the esports, gaming, and digital entertainment space.”

According to a press release, these hires come as a part of BITKRAFT’s broader plan to expand its strategic support services. The company is hoping to find “forward-thinking startups and founders who are working to build and operate the virtual worlds and economies of the future.”

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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