Karim Virani Joins London Esports

London Esports (LDN), a United Kingdom-based organization, recently named Karim Virani as the company’s Non-executive Director. Alongside this role, Virani will continue serving as the Commercial Director for the Socios token gaming platform.

“As a big West Ham fan, I’ve been in contact with Karim for over a year and he’s had a very hands-on role in shaping this organization for a number of months now,” said Alfie Wright, the CEO of London Esports. “Bringing Karim on board as a Non-executive Director was a natural next step, and I look forward to sharing many of the projects Karim, Alex, and I have been working on. His experience, network, and knowledge has had a tremendous impact on the organization, especially as he joins us with a pre-existing, native understanding of the esports industry, having worked in and around the space for half a decade and been a gamer himself for 20+ years.”

Prior to joining LDN, Virani served as the Chief Commercial Officer for the West Ham United soccer team for five years. Virani became the first person to sign a pro esports player to a Premier League team during his tenure.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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